I want to be inspired by life around me instead of trying to reach targets and meet expectations with materials. I want to get into an idea and explore it the best way I can, discover, develop, expand and get excited about all the new things I learn along the way. During my Second year I start working with porcelain and exploring the material the best way I can and make the clay to reach its limits. During my research found out that Paper clay has many advantages since increased pre-firing strength and its translucence works as a bonus for me. For my clay I use my own recipe of porcelain and paper fibres, nylon fibres or Cellulose Fibres.

Using my Illustrations and Printmaking and Pottery to explore the clay as the main medium and being able to manipulate it into new forms is such a beautiful way to express myself.

Ordinary pieces can become quite extraordinary when we add texture in them! The most common way to make texture is by impressing various objects into the clay. One of the ways is by using plaster slabs and carving patterns on to it.  I make my vessel forms using clay slabs pressed onto textured plaster moulds. A textured pattern is carved into the plaster surface using a long, straight edge and the same loop tools used for carving clay.

To texture clay, first roll out and compress a clay slab. Drop the slab onto the mould and then slap it down into the texture using my hand, then I run a rolling pin over it, and finally go over it with the plastic rib to completely smooth the back of the slab and make sure clay has filled in all the texture carved into the mould

Gently, lift each slab off of the mould, flip it over, and cut it to the appropriate size needed 

I also use linocuts to make clay relief prints, starting by transfer and carve my drawing into the lino and applied velvet underglaze or slip and press it directly into a slab of clay after I smooth the surface with a plastic ruler with just a drop of water on the edge and hand roll with a rolling pin, cross rolling to get an even impression.